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Our vision is to establish a model that demonstrates how exceptional elements can lead to sustainable growth. By leveraging marketing, constituent sentiment, and both public and private investment, we can deliver a high quality of life. With the largest transfer of wealth in history currently taking place, we will target this audience as they transition into their next chapter of life.


For the past 25 years, we have specialized in acquiring and rejuvenating underutilized assets. By combining our creativity and capital, we have been able to reset, reposition, and repurpose assets to unlock value and create synergies with the community.


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Our goal

Our goal is to discover and revitalize under performing assets in emerging markets. We believe that every property has untapped potential, and by utilizing time-tested methods, innovative technology, and advanced marketing strategies, we can bring these properties to life.

our mission

At the heart of our philosophy, which has been developed by the partners over 25 years, are our core principles: leveraging technology, our extensive experience, and a diverse network of professional resources to generate value through innovative restructuring, and enhancing asset value through both vertical and horizontal integration to foster synergies. In essence, we value innovation and synergy as the driving forces behind our success.




our vision


Our vision for Sierra County is to operate as a leading company that leverages technology, experience, and a diverse network of professional resources to create value through innovative restructuring and asset enhancement. It is our mission to develop or redevelop a number of key assets to provide jobs, additional housing, commercial ventures, and new recreational experiences. By constantly seeking out new opportunities for growth and expansion, both vertically and horizontally, we aim to foster a culture of continuous improvement and drive value for all of our stakeholders.

Meet our Founder

Dave Berman

Dave Berman embarked on his construction and real estate journey in Washington DC in 1988 after graduating from American University with a degree in real estate and urban development. Returning to his roots in New York City in 1993, Dave collaborated with his father, immersing himself in building residential homes and commencing a career spanning three decades. Over this time, Dave exhibited a remarkable knack for identifying, acquiring, enhancing, leasing, and managing a vast array of residential, commercial, and manufacturing properties.

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Meet our Founder

James Prendamano

James Prendamano, a pioneering figure in the real estate industry, spearheads PreReal™ Prendamano Real Estate, a prestigious New York-based brokerage firm. His strategic acumen led to the inception of PreReal™ Investments, a subsidiary offering investors a comprehensive platform for diverse real estate ventures. Specializing in residential, commercial and raw land investments, the firm strategically focuses on opportunities, including Sierra County, New Mexico, renowned for its attractions such as Elephant Butte Lake and the healing hot springs of Truth or Consequences.

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Meet our COO

Marco Potestio

Meet Marco Potestio, Chief Operating Officer at PreReal Investments. Armed with a Business Management and Finance degree, Marco brings over 20 years of diverse business development experience to the table. From the bustling world of retail to the intricate market of medical, B2B and B2C, Marco’s journey has been consistent with growth and innovation. His knack for operations and fostering talent has been the secret sauce behind teams thriving under his guidance. At PreReal Investments, Marco’s leadership fuels a culture of excellence and forward-thinking, propelling the company to new horizons in the exciting landscape of real estate investments.

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our projects

Four key projects comprise PreReal™ Investments’ Sierra County portfolio: the Turtleback Mountain Resort and Sierra del Rio Golf Course in Elephant Butte; the Rio Grande Motel in Williamsburg; and the Lakeway Retail Center in Truth or Consequences.

Leading the Way with Experience

At PreReal™ Investments, we have built a reputation for delivering exceptional real estate solutions and fostering long-lasting relationships with our clients. With years of experience in the industry, our team brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project.

Explore our proven track record of success and learn more about what sets us apart from others.

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