James Prendamano

Managing Partner

James Prendamano, a pioneering figure in the real estate industry, spearheads PreReal™ Prendamano Real Estate, a prestigious New York-based brokerage firm. His strategic acumen led to the inception of PreReal™ Investments, a subsidiary offering investors a comprehensive platform for diverse real estate ventures. Specializing in residential, commercial and raw land investments, the firm strategically focuses on opportunities, including Sierra County, New Mexico, renowned for its attractions such as Elephant Butte Lake and the healing hot springs of Truth or Consequences.

Under James’ visionary leadership, alongside partner David Berman and COO Marco Potestio launched PreReal™ Investments, a subsidiary to PreReal™. A hallmark of PreReal™ Investments lies in its unique financial strategy – acquiring all portfolio assets with internal capital and zero debt financing.

James strategically bridges investor security with the potential for exceptional returns, combining the stability of a debt fund with the profitability of an equity fund. His visionary approach continues to shape the success and growth of PreReal™ Investments in the dynamic realm of real estate investments. James’ unparalleled expertise spans a wide spectrum of real estate domains, evidenced by his tean’s closure of over 1,500 deals, leasing or more than 1m square feet of commercial space, and effectuation of transactions exceeding $1b in value.

His leadership has shepherded transformative projects, reshaping Staten Island and New York City’s commercial real estate landscape. His unwavering commitment to excellence and a lifelong learner mindset underscores his unmatched proficiency in various real estate sectors, catering to some of the most successful names in New York City real Estate through his consulting work.

Dave Berman

Managing Partner

Dave Berman embarked on his construction and real estate journey in Washington DC in 1988 after graduating from American University with a degree in real estate and urban development. Returning to his roots in New York City in 1993, Dave collaborated with his father, immersing himself in building residential homes and commencing a career spanning three decades. Over this time, Dave exhibited a remarkable knack for identifying, acquiring, enhancing, leasing, and managing a vast array of residential, commercial, and manufacturing properties.

His passion for tackling challenging assets, requiring both vision and determination to turn profitable, became a defining trait in his professional trajectory. Renowned for his adept management of complex properties within demanding markets, Dave solidified his reputation as a skilled navigator of challenging real estate terrains.

As his appetite for caculated risks burgeoned, Dave expanded his portfolio diversely, encompassing ventures from acquiring a small airport to spearheading a luxury charter yacht business. His foresight, diligence, and tireless work ethic positioned him as an invaluable asset in diverse development projects.

Notably, alongside James Prendamano, Dave co-launched PreReal™ Investments, a testament to his unwavering commitment and expertise in steering ventures toward success within the dynamic real estate landscape.

Marco Potestio

Chief Operating Officer

Meet Marco Potestio, Chief Operating Officer at PreReal Investments. Armed with a Business Management and Finance degree, Marco brings over 20 years of diverse business development experience to the table. From the bustling world of retail to the intricate market of medical, B2B and B2C, Marco’s journey has been consistent with growth and innovation. His knack for operations and fostering talent has been the secret sauce behind teams thriving under his guidance. At PreReal Investments, Marco’s leadership fuels a culture of excellence and forward-thinking, propelling the company to new horizons in the exciting landscape of real estate investments.